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Goodman B1370724 B13707-24 Ignition Module

Goodman B1370724 B13707-24 Ignition Module
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Goodman B1370724 B13707-24 Ignition Module

For Use With Model Series GUN, GUI, GUP, GD, GDE, GDI, GDPI, GDPX, GDX, GUE, GUH, GUPX, GUX, PG, PGH, PGX & GUPI Series

GD125-5 GD150-5 GDE060-3 GDE080-4 GDE100-5 GDE120-5 GDI100-4 GDI125-5 GDI150-5 GDPI050-3 GDPI075-3 GDPI075-4 GDPI100-4 GDPI120-5 GDPX050-3B GDPX075-4B GDPX100-5B GDPX120-5B GDX040-2 GDX060-3 GDX080-4 GDX100-5 GDX120-5 GUE040-3 GUE060-3 GUE080-4 GUE100-5 GUE120-5 GUHI075 GUHI100 GUI050-2 GUI075-2 GUI075-3 GUI075-4 GUI100-2 GUI100-3 GUI100-4 GUI125-3 GUI125-4 GUI125-5A GUI150-5 GUN050-2B GUN075-3B GUN100-4B GUN125-5B GUPI050-3 GUPI075-3 GUPI075-4 GUPI100-4 GUPI100-5 GUPI120-5 GUPX050-3B GUPX075-4B GUPX100-5B GUPX120-5B GUX040-3 GUX060-3 GUX080-4 GUX100-5 GUX120-5 PG018040-1 PG024040-1 PG024075-1 PG030075-1 PG030100-1 PG036075-1 PG036075-3 PG036100-1 PG036100-3 PG036100-4 PG042100-1 PG042100-3 PG042125-1 PG042125-3 PG042125-4 PG048125-1 PG048125-3 PG048125-4 PG048150-1 PG048150-3 PG048150-4 PG060125-1 PG060125-3 PG060150-1 PG060150-3 PG060150-4 PG090200-3 PG090200-3A PG090200-4 PG090200-4A PG120250-3 PG120250-3A PG120250-4 PG120250-4A PGH024050-1 PGH030050-1 PGH030075-1 PGH036075-1 PGH036100-1 PGH048100-1 PGX018040-1 PGX024040-1 PGX030040-1 PGX036050-1 PGX036050-3 PGX036075-1 PGX042075-1 PGX048075-1 PGX048075-3 PGX060100-1 PGX060100-3 GUN040-2 GUN060-3 GUN075-3 GUN100-4 GUN125-5 GUP040-2 GUP050-2A GUP060-3 GUP075-3A GUP080-4 GUP100-4A GUP100-5 GUP115-5 GUP120-5A
Weight 3.00 lbs
Our price: $137.00 (102.75)
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