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Universal Hot Surface Igniton Integrated Control S9200U 1000

Universal Hot Surface Igniton Integrated Control S9200U 1000
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Universal Hot Surface Igniton Integrated Control S9200U 1000
Universal Hot Surface Igniton Integrated Furnace Control used in Bryant; Carrier; Day & Night; Lennox; Nordyne; Payne; Rheem; Ruud; York equipment.
The S9200U1000 Universal Integrated Furnace Control can be used with conventional thermostats as well as the EnviraCOM enabled VisionPRO IAQ and FocusPRO.
Natural or liquid propane fueled furnaces only.
The S9200U1000 EnviraCOM communications capability allows its use in twinning applications and enables communication with local and remote diagnostic devices such as the QuickLook hand held device (QuickLook 72), EnviraLNK web-based application and the W8735D Telephone Access Module (TAM).
The S9200U100 provides: Main burner ignition using a 120V hot surface igniter.
Flame rectification circuit to monitor flame presence.
Monitoring of system pressure switch, high temperature limit, and rollout functions.
Appliance operation/safety requirements controlled via microprocessor.
Control of a standard induction-type circulating fan motor (based on appliance requirements), in response to a conventional low voltage or EnviraCOM thermostat.
LED system status, performance and diagnostic indication.
Wire harnesses provided for simple replacement of most IFCs and integration with most heating and cooling appliances.
Twinning capability.
EnviraCOM communication capability to enable local and/or remote system status, diagnostics, troubleshooting and HVAC system control.

Product Specifications:
Description: Universal single stage heating and cooling.
Line Voltage: 120 Volt (97-132 Vac); 60 Hz.
Low Voltage: 24 Volt (19-30 Vac); 60 Hz.
Current Draw: 0.5 Amps input current @ 24 Vac, plus valve load @ 24 Vac plus cooling contractor.
Igniter Current: 5.0 Amps resistive @ 132 Vac output.
Thermostat Anticipator Setting: (Stage 1 only) 100mA.
PrePurge: 30 seconds.
HSI Warmup Time: 17/27 or 30/30 seconds (first/next trial) depending on DIP switch S2 setting.
Trial for Ignition: 4, 6, or 8 seconds depending on DIP switch S2 setting.
Post purge: 15 seconds. Inter-trial purge: 60 seconds.
Auto Restart Delay: 60 minutes (after Soft Lockout).
Ignition Trials: Three; two retries if flame is not sensed on first trial.
Flame Failure Response Time: 2 seconds maximum @ 1µA.
LEDs; three LEDS provide the following:
Red LED provides system status and faults
Amber LED provides flame status information
Green LED provides information about the EnviraCOM traffic.
Wire Harness: 12 pin, 3 x 4 connector, 7 inches; main harness. 4 pin, 4 x 1 connector, 7 inches; igniter/inducer harness.
Fan Delays: Heat Fan On Delay: 30 or 60 seconds depending on DIP switch S1 setting.
Heat Fan Off Delay: 60, 90, 120 or 180 seconds depending on DIP switch S1 setting.
Cool Fan On Delay: 5 seconds.
Cool Fan Off Delay: 0 or 60 seconds depending on DIP switch S1 setting.
Gas Control: Any 24 Vac redundant, direct ignition gas control rated at 1.5A or less.
Cooling Contactor: Any 24 Vac contactor rated at 1.0A or less.
Induced Draft Blower Load: 2.2FLA/3.5LRA maximum @ 120 Vac.
Ciculator Load: 14.5FLA/25LRA maximum @ 120 Vac.
Type of Fan used with: Standard Induction-Type Circulating Fan.
Line Voltage Humidifer: 1A resistive load maximum @ 120 Vac.
Electronic Air Cleaner: 1A resistive load maximum @ 120 Vac.
Replaceable Fuse: 3.0 Amps.
Operating Temperature: -40 F to +175 F; -40 C to +79 C.
Relative Humidity: 0% to 95% non-condensing.
Replaces the following Single Stage Hot Surface Ignition Integrated Furnace Controls part numbers:

Carrier: 90310; CAR3310197220; CAR03101973000; CAR50A55843; CARB1809913S.

Goodman: 1809913; 18099-13S; B180996; B1809906; B18099-6; B18099-06; B1809908; 18099-08; B1809910; B18099-10; B18009910; B180099-10; B1809913; B18099-13; B1809913S; B18099-13S; B18009913; B180099-13. ICM: ICM280. Lennox: G951ADB1401; G951ADB1401C; G951ADB-1401C; G951ADB-1402; G951ADB-1402; G951AEB-1403.

Nordyne: 624557; 6245570; 624557-0; 624564; 6245640; 624591; 624591A; 624591-A; 624591-B; 624591-C; 624591-D; 624628; 624628-0; 6246310; 624631-0; 624631A; 624631-A; 624631-B; 710128A; 902378; 902696; 903106.

Rheem; Robertshaw: 62-24268-01; 62-24268-02; 62-24268-03.

Texas Instruments: 6DT-1; 6DT-2; 61F3; 41F-5.

United Technologies: 1012-925A; 1012-925B; 1012-925C; 1012-955A; 1012955A; 1012-83-9651B; 1012-930; 1012933D; 1012-933D; 1012-83-9336AHSC1; 1012-83-9337A.

White Rodgers: 50A50-209; 50A50-230; 50A55-241; 50T35730; 50T35-730; 50T35734; 50T35-743; 50A55-843; 50A55-120; 50A55-143; 50A55-285; 50A55-286; 50A55-288; 50A55-438; 50A55-(474-571); 50A50-143; 50A50-285; 50A50-286; 50A50-438.

York: 03100662000; 031-00662-000; 031-00662-700; 031-01140-000; 031-01140-001; 031011140002; 031-01140-002; 031-01140-701; 031-01140-702; 031-01234-000,;031-01234-700; 031-01235-700; 031-01250-000; 0310126700; 031-01267-000; 031-01267-001; 031-01267-001A; 031-01284-000; 03101933000; 031-01933-000; 031-01972-000; 031-01973-000; 031-02166-000; 33101933000; 331-01933-000; 331-01972-200; 43101972100; 431-01972-100; P03101267001; P031-01267-001; PTH031011400-00.
Weight 5.00 lbs
Our price: $150.00 (112.50)
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