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Bryant - Carrier Heat Pump Defrost Control Board CESO110063-02

Bryant - Carrier Heat Pump Defrost Control Board CESO110063-02
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Board Numbers that are replaced by this Circuit Board include: Bryant - Carrier: CES01130063-00, CES01130063-01
Replaces Obsolete Circuit Board Part Numbers:
CESO110063-02 CESO110063-01 CESO110063 CESO110063-00 CESO11006302A CESD130024-00 1050-83-3B CNT02903 CNT2903 HK32FA006 CES110063-01 CES011006302 CESO110063-02 CES01130063-00 CES011006302 CES01130063-00 CES0110063-02 CES01130063-01 CES0110063-00 ICM-321C ICM321C DFORB-AE1011 DF0RB-AE1011 CES0130024-01 CESO110063-02 CESO110063-01 CESO110063 CESO110063-00 1050-83-6A CARB13019 CARICM321

Used in following unit Carrier 38YCA018, 38YCA024, 030331-341, 036331-341, 38YCA036341-351-541-631-641, 38YCN024, 030, 38YKB018321, 38YMA018-24-030-036-C.
BDP units 661BJX018 - 024 - 030 - D-E 661BJX036-E-F, 661BEX036-D-E, 661BPX036-D-E, 661NJX024 - 030 - 036 D-E, 693CNX018-C, 694CNX018 -024 -030 - 036-C
Payne units 810AJX018 - 024 - 030 - 036-C
Resco Units HA1BJX018 - 024-D - 030 - 036-C

Used in split systems & package units
Push on connectors
5 minute time delay
Defrost intervals 30/50/90
Circuit Board Specifications: Input Control Voltage: 18-30 VAC Frequency: 50/60 Hz Power Consumption: 1 watt maximum Output Type: Relay n.o. 20 amps n.c. 10 amps Time Delay Defrost Time: 10 minute fixed +/- 5% Interval Time: pin selectable 30/50/90 minute Power On Reset Time: 500 milliseconds Test Time: Short Across Test Terminals-reduced test time 256x

Mode of Operation: Provides a selectable time interval between defrost cycles. It will allow heat for the selected 30/60/90 minute period and provide a 10 minute defrost.
A hold input permits the timer to accumulate time only while the compressor is running. Additionally, a warm coil causes the disc sensor to open which will prevent time accumulation or end in an in-progress defrost period. When the defrost period ends either by opening the DFT or after the 10 minute defrost period has elapsed, the timer is reset.


During heating the “Y” terminal is energized, & the time logic is energized.
Logic tracks compressor run time to the interval selected. 30/50/90
When timer sequence is reached, logic checks the status of the Defrost Thermostat.
If the DFT is open, unit does not need defrosting and the timer is reset.
IF DFT is closed, reversing valve is energized, the outdoor fan is turned off, and the strip heat is turned on.(W2) lMaximum of 10 Minutes or until the DFT opens.
Defrost sequence configured in the field for 30, 50, and 90 minutes (factory/default set 90 min.

FORCED DEFROSTED:Jumper the R to DFT terminal on the board. Short the speed up terminal together until the units goes into defrost. As soon as defrost is started remove your jumper from the speed up terminals or the 10 minute defrost will be shortened to 2 seconds Defrost will stop when 10 minutes has past or as soon as the DFT jumper is removed.
Weight 3.00 lbs
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