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Plenum Thermostats SHL 501

Plenum Thermostats SHL 501
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Thermostats open when temperature in the furnace plenum area is too high Shuts down furnace until the temperature cools to an acceptable level.
The number one reason I have seen over the years for the switch to go bad is failure is due to poor maintenance.
The problem will be short cycling of the furnace as the switch open and closes all the time. It will cause the switch to wear out sooner. Cycling all the time.
If your having problems here reaplace your furnace filter First.
I know and have heard hundreds of time its said on the filter it's good for 3 months.
But lots of conditions must be met first befroe the filter would last that long.

Direct Replacement for Bryant HH12ZA174Z, Carier HH12ZA176A, P331-2203
Fan Off Temperature 130∙F
Fan On Temperature 170∙F
Mfg. # SHL501
Weight 1.00 lbs
Our price: $25.00 (18.75)
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