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All your motor needs from Air conditions, to your blower motor on your furnace.

There are several different type of fractional horsepower motors. Each type performs certain jobs better than any other types. The characteristics of a motor designed to move air are completely different than those of a motor used to drive a grinder, a pump, or even a belt-driven application. Permanent-split capacitor, Shaded-pole, three phase and Capacitor Start motors. These motors are normally used with a fan blade or a blower wheel to move air. They are used in applications associated with heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilators, and fans. The most commonly encountered air moving motors are Permanent-Split Capacitor and Shaded Pole types.

Shaded Pole (SP)

FACT Used where low cost and low power outputs are required. They have low starting torque and are inefficient. They are used to drive blowers, bathroom ventilators, range hoods. etc....

Permanent-Split Capacitor (PSC)

FACT Used in variety of direct-drive, air moving applications where fairly low starting torque and high efficiencies are required. For example, Blower motor fans.

Split Phase

FACT High starting torque motors with the nameplate RPM identified as 1725. Suitable for belt-drive applications such as furnace blowers, they are more efficient that Shaded-Pole motors but not as efficient as Permanent- Split Capacitor motors.

Capacitor Start- Induction Run

FACT Highest starting torque motors with belt-drive capability. The capacitor is usually visible and mounted on motor frame.

Three phase

FACT The most efficient motors produced. They are used in industrial or large commercial applications where three-phase power is available.

Use it for replacement motors our Heating & Air Conditioning business all the time.  These two motors are universal reversible motors. They will fit most furnaces. The wiring diagrams and capacitors are included with the motors. Will include a new capacitor which you should replace with a new motor as it may not be the same rating as the old one with that old motor! You can view the wiring diagrams posted on the motors below. If you need any technical support on installing the motor feel free to email me. These motors come with a one year warranty from date of installation. I will provide a complete replacement motor if the motor is found defective.  If you would like a quote on other motors that are not listed here, just Email me at dberry@1hvacparts.com. I will need the Furnace model and serial number. I will email you a price back within 24 hours.


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Protech Rheem Ruud 51-23017-42 - 1/4 thru 3/4 HP 120V 1075 RPM
Rheem Ruud 51-23012-41 Direct Drive Furnace Blower Motor
Rheem Ruud AHU Blower Motor EMERSON 1/2 51-23022-41
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$165.00 (€123.75)
$150.00 (€112.50)
$120.00 (€90.00)
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