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Goodman Amana Flame Sensor C6437502

Goodman Amana Flame Sensor C6437502
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Goodman Amana C6437502 Gas Furnace Flame Sensor Rod.

Used in following unit models of Amana Air-command gas furnaces.

Also exact replacement for 10-760 and 760-401. *Straight rod, no angle.

Part replaces old part # C64375-1.

Used in these models listed

GCC045B30A, P9898501F, GCC045B30B, P1107001F, GCC070B30A, P9898502F, GCC070B30B, P1107002F, GCC070B40A, P9898503F, GCC070B40B, P1107003F, GCC090B40A, P9898504F, GCC090B40B, P1107004F, GCC090B50A, P9898505F, GCC090B50B, P1107005F, GCC115B50A, P9898506F, GCC115B50B, P1107006F, GCI045B25B, P1106501F, GCI045C25A, P9898209F, GCI045C25B, P1106601F, GCI070B30B, P1106502F, GCI070B40B, P1106503F, GCI070C30A, P9898210F, GCI070C30B, P1106602F, GCI070C40A, P9898211F, GCI070C40B, P1106603F, GCI090B30B, P1106504F, GCI090B50B, P1106505F, GCI090C30A, P9898212F, GCI090C30B, P1106604F, GCI090C50A, P9898213F, GCI090C50B, P1106605F, GCI115A35, P9811206F, GCI115A35C, P6983215F, P9811214F, GCI115A35CV, P9811222F, GCI115A50, P9811207F, GCI115A50C, P6983216F, P9811215F, GCI115A50CV, P9811223F, GCI115B35A, P9898206F, GCI115B35B, P1106506F, GCI115B50A, P9898207F, GCI115B50B, P1106507F, GCI115C35A, P9898214F, GCI115C35B, P1106606F, GCI115C50A, P9898215F, GCI115C50B, P1106607F, GCI140A50, P9811208F, GCI140A50C, P6983217F, P9811216F, GCI140A50CV, P9811224F, GCI140B50A, P9898208F, GCI140B50B, P1106508F, GCI140C50A, P9898216F, GCI140C50B, P1106608F, GCI45A25C, P6983210F, P9811209F, GCI45A25CV, P9811217F, GCI70A30C, P6983211F, P9811210F, GCI70A30CV, P9811218F, GCI70A40C, P6983212F, P9811211F, GCI70A40CV, P9811219F, GCI90A30C, P6983213F, P9811212F, GCI90A30CV, P9811220F, GCI90A50C, P9811213F, GCI90A50CV, P9811221F, GCI90C50C, P6983214F, GCN115A40, P9961605F, P9961612F, P9961617F, GCN145A30, P9961607F, GCN45A30, P9961601F, P9961613F, GCN70A30, P9961602F, P9961608F, P9961614F, GCN70A40, P9961603F, P9961609F, P9961615F, GCN90A40, P9961604F, P9961610F, P9961616F, GHI115A35, P6983124F, GHI115A35C, P6983133F, GHI115A35CV, P6983142F, GHI115A50, P6983125F, GHI115A50C, P6983134F, GHI115A50CV, P6983143F, GHI140A35, P6983126F, GHI140A35C, P6983135F, GHI140A35CV, P6983144F, GHI140A50, P6983127F, GHI140A50C, P6983136F, GHI140A50CV, P6983145F, GHI45A25, P6983119F, GHI45A25C, P6983128F, GHI45A25CV, P6983137F, GHI70A30, P6983120F, GHI70A30C, P6983129F, GHI70A30CV, P6983138F, GHI70A40, P6983121F, GHI70A40C, P6983130F, GHI70A40CV, P6983139F, GHI90A30, P6983122F, GHI90A30C, P6983131F, GHI90A30CV, P6983140F, GHI90A50, P6983123F, GHI90A50C, P6983132F, GHI90A50CV, P6983141F, GHN115A50, P9961506F, P9961512F, GHN45A30, P9961501F, P9961507F, GHN70A30, P9961502F, P9961508F, GHN70A40, P99614509F, P9961503F, GHN90A35, P9961504F, P9961510F, GHN90A50, P9961505F, P9961511F, GSI045B25A, P9898301F, GSI045B25B, P1106701F, GSI070B30A, P9898302F, GSI070B30B, P1106702F, GSI070B40A, P9898303F, GSI070B40B, P1106703F, GSI090B30A, P9898304F, GSI090B30B, P1106704F, GSI090B50A, P9898305F, GSI090B50B, P1106705F, GSI115A35, P6983315F, GSI115A50, P6983316F, GSI115B35A, P9898306F, GSI115B35B, P1106706F, GSI115B50A, P9898307F, GSI115B50B, P1106707F, GSI140A50, P6983317F, GSI140B50A, P9898308F, GSI140B50B, P1106708F, GSI45A25, P6983310F, GSI70A30, P6983311F, GSI70A40, P6983312F, GSI90A30, P6983313F, GSI90A50, P6983314F, GUC045B30A, P9898401F, GUC045B30B, P1106901F, GUC045B30C, P1114301F, GUC070B30A, P9898402F, GUC070B30B, P1106902F, GUC070B30C, P1114302F, GUC070B40A, P9898403F, GUC070B40B, P1106903F, GUC070B40C, P1114303F, GUC090B35A, P9898404F, GUC090B35B, P1106904F, GUC090B35C, P1114304F, GUC090B50A, P9898405F, GUC090B50B, P1106905F, GUC090B50C, P1114305F, GUC115B50A, P9898406F, GUC115B50B, P1106906F, GUC115B50C, P1114306F, GUI045B25A, P9898101F, GUI045B25B, P1106301F, P1158601F, GUI045C25A, P9898110F, GUI045C25B, P1106401F, P1158701F, GUI070B30A, P9898102F, GUI070B30B, P1106302F, P1158602F, GUI070B40A, P9898103F, GUI070B40B, P1106303F, P1158603F, GUI070C30A, P9898111F, GUI070C30B, P1106402F, P1158702F, GUI070C40A, P9898112F, GUI070C40B, P1106403F, P1158703F, GUI090B30A, P9898104F, GUI090B30AB, P1106304F, GUI090B30B, P1158604F, GUI090B50A, P9898105F, GUI090B50B, P1106305F, P1158605F, GUI090C30A, P9898113F, GUI090C30B, P1106404F, P1158704F, GUI090C50A, P9898114F, GUI090C50B, P1106405F, P1158705F, GUI115B35A, P9898106F, GUI115B35B, P1106306F, P1158606F, GUI115B50A, P9898107F, GUI115B50B, P1106307F, P1158607F, GUI115C35A, P9898115F, GUI115C35B, P1106406F, P1158706F, GUI115C50A, P9898116F, GUI115C50B, P1106407F, P1158707F, GUI140B35A, P9898108F, GUI140B35B, P1106308F, P1158608F, GUI140B50A, P9898109F, GUI140B50B, P1106309F, P1158609F, GUI140C35A, P9898117F, GUI140C35B, P1106408F, P1158708F, GUI140C50A, P9898118F, GUI140C50B, P1106409F, P1158709F, PGA24B0452A, P1154001C, P1164601C, PGA24B0702A, P1154002C, P1164602C, PGA24B0902A, P1154003C, P1164603C, PGA30B0452A, P1154004C, P1164604C, PGA30B0702A, P1154005C, P1164605C, PGA30B0902A, P1154006C, P1164606C, PGA36B0452A, P1154007C, P1164607C, PGA36B0453A, P1154008C, P1164608C, PGA36B0702A, P1154009C, P1164609C, PGA36B0703A, P1154010C, P1164610C, PGA36B0704A, P1164613C, PGA36B0902A, P1154011C, P1164611C, PGA36B0903A, P1154012C, P1164612C, PGA36B0904A, P1164614C, PGA42B0902A, P1154101C, PGA42B0903A, P1154102C, PGA42B1152A, P1154103C, PGA42B1153A, P1154104C, PGA48B0902A, P1154105C, PGA48B0902B, P1154111C, PGA48B0903A, P1154106C, PGA48B0903B, P1154112C, PGA48B0904A, P1154117C, PGA48B1152A, P1154107C, PGA48B1152B, P1154113C, PGA48B1153A, P1154108C, PGA48B1153B, P1154114C, PGA48B1352A, P1154109C, PGA48B1352B, P1154115C, PGA48B1353A, P1154110C, PGA48B1353B, P1154116C, PGA48B1354A, P1154118C, PGA60B0902A, P1154201C, PGA60B0903A, P1154202C, PGA60B1152A, P1154203C, PGA60B1153A, P1154204C, PGA60B1154A, P1154207C, PGA60B1352A, P1154205C, PGA60B1353A, P1154206C, PGA60B1354A, P1154208C, PGB24A0702A, P1152402C, PGB24A0902A, P1152403C, PGB24B0452A, P1154301C, P1164701C, PGB24B0452C, P1176201C, PGB24B0702A, P1154302C, P1164702C, PGB24B0702C, P1176202C, PGB24B0902A, P1154303C, P1164703C, PGB24B0902C, P1176203C, PGB30A0452A, P1152404C, PGB30A0702A, P1152405C, PGB30A0902A, P1152406C, PGB30B0452A, P1154304C, P1164704C, PGB30B0452C, P1176204C, PGB30B0702A, P1154305C, P1164705C, PGB30B0702C, P1176205C, PGB30B0902A, P1154306C, P1164706C, PGB30B0902C, P1176206C, PGB36A0452A, P1152407C, PGB36A0702A, P1152408C, PGB36A0902A, P1152409C, PGB36B0452A, P1154307C, P1164707C, PGB36B0452C, P1176207C, PGB36B0702A, P1154308C, P1164708C, PGB36B0702C, P1176208C, PGB36B0902A, P1154309C, P1164709C, PGB36B0902C, P1176209C, PGB42A0902A, P1152501C, PGB42A1152A, P1152502C, PGB42B0902A, P1152503C, PGB42B0902C, P1183301C, PGB42B1152A, P1152504C, PGB42B1152C, P1183302C, PGB48B0902A, P1152505C, PGB48B0902C, P1183303C, PGB48B1152A, P1152507C, PGB48B1152C, P1183304C, PGB48B1352A, P1152509C, PGB48B1352C, P1183305C, PGB58B0902C, P1183309C, PGB58B1152C, P1183310C, PGB58B1352C, P1183311C, PGB60B0902A, P1155801C, PGB60B0902C, P1183306C, PGB60B1152A, P1155803C, PGB60B1152C, P1183307C, PGB60B1352A, P1155805C, PGB60B1352C, P1183308C, PGC24B0452A, P1205401C, PGC24B0702A, P1205402C, PGC30B0702A, P1205403C, PGC36B0702A, P1205404C, PGC36B0902A, P1205405C, PGC42B0902A, P1205406C, P1205413C, PGC42B1152A, P1205407C, P1205414C, PGC48B0902A, P1205408C, PGC48B1152A, P1205410C, PGC60B0902A, P1205411C, PGC60B1352A, P1205412C, SPCG240451A, P1105901C, P9999301C, SPCG240701A, P1105902C, P9999302C, SPCG240901A, P1105903C, P9999303C, SPCG300451A, P1105904C, P9999304C, SPCG300701A, P1105905C, P9999305C, SPCG300901A, P1105906C, P9999306C, SPCG360451A, P1105907C, P9999307C, SPCG360453A, P1105908C, P9999308C, SPCG360701A, P1105909C, P9999309C, SPCG360703A, P1105910C, P9999310C, SPCG360901A, P1105911C, P9999311C, SPCG360903A, P1105912C, P9999312C, SPCG420901A, P1106001C, P9999401C, SPCG420903A, P1106002C, P9999402C, SPCG421151A, P1106003C, P9999403C, SPCG421153A, P1106004C, P9999404C, SPCG480901A, P1106005C, P9999407C, SPCG480903A, P1106006C, P9999408C, SPCG481151A, P1106007C, P9999409C, SPCG481153A, P1106008C, P9999410C, SPCG481351A, P1106009C, P9999411C, SPCG481353A, P1106010C, P9999412C, SPCG600901A, P1107101C, P9999413C, SPCG600903A, P1107102C, P9999414C, SPCG601151A, P1107103C, P9999415C, SPCG601153A, P1107104C, P9999416C, SPCG601351A, P1107105C, P9999417C, SPCG601353A, P1107106C, P9999418C
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Goodman Janitrol - Amana 0151M00013S Single Stage Gas Valve
American Standard Trane Defrost board CNT05165
American Standard Trane Control Circuit Board CNT2184 24V 2 Stage HSI Control 50A51-495
Nordyne Control Board 903106
Aprilaire #813 High Efficiency Filtering Media
American Standard Trane Air Pressure switch CNT03671
6 MFD 370 volts OVAL Capacitor
17.5 MFD 440 volts OVAL Capacitor
Aprilaire Current Sensing Relay Model A50 24 Volt
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