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York S1-33101975102 Control Defrost Board Kit

York S1-33101975102 Control Defrost Board Kit
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York S1-33101975102 Control Defrost Board Kit


This Board replaces the following:
1157-902, 67297, 03101975102, S1-03101975102, 031-01975-102, S1-031-01975-102

Compatible with the following units:
CHGD24S41Q1 CHGD30S41Q1 CHGD36S41Q1 CHGD42S41Q1 CHJD18S21S1 CHJD18S41S1 CHJD18S41S2 CHJD24S21S1 CHJD24S41Q4 CHJD24S41S1 CHJD24S41S2 CHJD30S21S1 CHJD30S41Q4 CHJD30S41S1 CHJD30S41S2 CHJD36S21S1 CHJD36S41Q4 CHJD36S41S1 CHJD36S41S2 CHJD42S21S1 CHJD42S41Q4 CHJD42S41S1 CHJD48S21S1 CHJD48S41Q4 CHJD48S41S1 CHJD60S21S1 CHJD60S41S1 CHJD60S41S2 CHJF18S41S1 CHJF24S41S1 CHJF30S41S1 CHJF36S41S1 CHJF42S41S1 CHJF42S41S2 CHJF48S41S1 CPBD018FS1 CPBD024FS1 CPBD030FS1 CPBD036FS1 CPBD042FS1 CPBD048FS1 CPBD060FS1 E1RD018S06 E1RD024S06 E1RD030S06 E1RD030S25 E1RD030S46 E1RD036S06 E1RD036S25 E1RD036S46 E1RD042S06 E1RD042S25 E1RD042S46 E1RD048S06 E1RD048S25 E1RD048S46 E1RD060S06 E1RD060S25 E1RD060S46 E1ZD018S06 E1ZD024S06 E1ZD030S06 E1ZD036S06 E1ZD042S06 E1ZD048S06 E1ZD060S06 E2RE018S06 EABD-F018S EABD-F024S EABD-F030S EABD-F036S EABD-F042S EABD-F048S EABD-F060S EABD-T030S EABD-T036S EABD-T042S EABD-T048S EABD-T060S EABD-W030S EABD-W036S EABD-W042S EABD-W048S EABD-W060S EBBE-F018S ERHQ0241BA ERHQ0301BA ERHQ0361BA ERHQ0421BA ERHS0181BA ERHS0241BA ERHS0301BA ERHS0361BA ERHS0421BA ERHS0481BA ERHS0601BA FRHS0181BE GHGD18S21S1 GHGD18S41S1 GHGD18S41S2 GHGD18S41S3 GHGD24S21S1 GHGD24S41S1 GHGD24S41S2 GHGD24S41S3 GHGD30S21S1 GHGD30S41S1 GHGD30S41S2 GHGD30S41S3 GHGD30S41S5 GHGD30S43S1 GHGD30S44S1 GHGD36S21S1 GHGD36S41S1 GHGD36S41S2 GHGD36S41S3 GHGD36S43S1 GHGD36S44S1 GHGD42S21S1 GHGD42S41S1 GHGD42S41S3 GHGD42S41S5 GHGD42S43S1 GHGD42S44S1 GHGD48S21S1 GHGD48S41S1 GHGD48S41S3 GHGD48S41S5 GHGD48S43S1 GHGD48S43S2 GHGD48S44S1 GHGD48S44S2 GHGD60S21S1 GHGD60S41S2 GHGD60S41S3 GHGD60S41S5 GHGD60S41S6 GHGD60S43S1 GHGD60S44S1 GHRD18S41S1 GHRD24S41S1 GHRD30S41S1 GHRD36S41S1 GHRD42S41S1 GHRD48S41S1 GHRD60S41S1 HC2A024F1 HC2A030F1 HC2A036F1 HC2A042F1 HC2A048F1 HC2A060F1 HL2A024F1 HL2A030F1 HL2A036F1 HL2A042F1 HL2A048F1 HL2A060F1 HP018X1321 HP024X1321 HP030X1321 HP030X1331 HP030X1341 HP036X1321 HP036X1331 HP036X1341 HP042X1321 HP042X1331 HP042X1341 HP048X1321 HP048X1331 HP048X1341 HP060X1321 HP060X1331 HP060X1341 LHJD18S21S1 LHJD18S41S1 LHJD18S41S2 LHJD24S21S1 LHJD24S41S1 LHJD24S41S2 LHJD30S21S1 LHJD30S41S1 LHJD30S41S2 LHJD36S21S1 LHJD36S41S1 LHJD36S41S2 LHJD42S21S1 LHJD42S41S1 LHJD48S21S1 LHJD48S41S1 LHJD60S21S1 LHJD60S41S1 LHJD60S41S2 LHJF18S41S1 LHJF24S41S1 LHJF30S41S1 LHJF36S41S1 LHJF42S41S1 LHJF42S41S2 LHJF48S41S1 LPBD018FS1 LPBD024FS1 LPBD030FS1 LPBD036FS1 LPBD042FS1 LPBD048FS1 LPBD060FS1 RHP13J184S21 RHP13J304S22 RHP13J424S22 RHP13J424S32 RHP13J484S22 RHP13J484S31 RHP13J484S32 RHP13J604S21 RHP13J604S22 RHP13J604S31 RHP13R184S21 RHP13R424S22 RHP13R484S22 RHP13R604S21 RHP13R604S22 RHP14J184S21 RHP14J244S21 RHP14J304S21 RHP14J364S21 RHP14J424S21 RHP14J484S21 S1-03101975102 THGD18S21S1 THGD18S41S1 THGD18S41S2 THGD18S41S3 THGD24S21S1 THGD24S41S1 THGD24S41S2 THGD24S41S3 THGD30S21S1 THGD30S41S1 THGD30S41S2 THGD30S41S3 THGD30S41S5 THGD30S43S1 THGD30S44S1 THGD36S21S1 THGD36S41S1 THGD36S41S2 THGD36S41S3 THGD36S43S1 THGD36S44S1 THGD42S21S1 THGD42S41S1 THGD42S41S3 THGD42S41S5 THGD42S43S1 THGD42S44S1 THGD48S21S1 THGD48S41S1 THGD48S41S3 THGD48S41S5 THGD48S43S1 THGD48S43S2 THGD48S44S1 THGD48S44S2 THGD60S21S1 THGD60S41S1 THGD60S41S2 THGD60S41S3 THGD60S41S5 THGD60S41S6 THGD60S43S1 THGD60S44S1 THGF18S41S1 THGF18S41S3 THGF24S41S1 THGF24S41S3 THGF30S41S1 THGF30S41S3 THGF36S41S1 THGF36S41S3 THGF36S41S4 THGF42S41S1 THGF42S41S2 THGF42S41S3 THGF42S41S5 THGF48S41S1 THGF48S41S3 THGF48S41S5 THJD18S41S3 THJD24S41S3 THJD30S41S3 THJD30S41S5 THJD30S43S3 THJD30S44S3 THJD36S41S3 THJD36S43S3 THJD36S44S3 THJD42S41S3 THJD42S41S5 THJD42S43S3 THJD42S43S5 THJD42S44S3 THJD42S44S5 THJD48S41S3 THJD48S41S5 THJD48S43S3 THJD48S43S5 THJD48S44S3 THJD48S44S5 THJD60S41S3 THJD60S41S5 THJD60S41S6 THJD60S43S3 THJD60S43S5 THJD60S44S3 THJD60S44S5 THJF18S41S3 THJF24S41S3 THJF30S41S3 THJF36S41S3 THJF36S41S4 THJF42S41S3 THJF42S41S5 THJF48S41S3 THJF48S41S5 THJR18S41S3 THJR24S41S3 THJR30S41S3 THJR36S41S3 THJR42S41S3 THJR42S41S5 THJR48S41S3 THJR48S41S5 THJR60S41S3 THJR60S41S5 THJR60S41S6 THRD18S41S1 THRD24S41S1 THRD30S41S1 THRD36S41S1 THRD42S41S1 THRD48S41S1 THRD60S41S1 XYHS13181A XYHS13241A XYHS13301A XYHS13361A XYHS13421A XYHS13481A XYHS13601A YHJD18S21S1 YHJD18S41S1 YHJD18S41S2 YHJD24S21S1 YHJD24S41S1 YHJD24S41S2 YHJD30S21S1 YHJD30S41S1 YHJD30S41S2 YHJD30S41S5 YHJD30S43S3 YHJD30S44S3 YHJD36S21S1 YHJD36S41S1 YHJD36S41S2 YHJD36S43S3 YHJD36S44S3 YHJD42S21S1 YHJD42S41S1 YHJD42S41S5 YHJD42S43S3 YHJD42S43S5 YHJD42S44S3 YHJD42S44S5 YHJD48S21S1 YHJD48S41S1 YHJD48S41S5 YHJD48S43S3 YHJD48S43S5 YHJD48S44S3 YHJD48S44S5 YHJD60S21S1 YHJD60S41S1 YHJD60S41S2 YHJD60S41S5 YHJD60S41S6 YHJD60S43S3 YHJD60S43S5 YHJD60S44S3 YHJD60S44S5 YHJF18S41S1 YHJF24S41S1 YHJF30S41S1 YHJF36S41S1 YHJF36S41S4 YHJF42S41S1 YHJF42S41S2 YHJF42S41S5 YHJF48S41S1 YHJF48S41S5 YHJR18S41S3 YHJR24S41S3 YHJR30S41S3 YHJR36S41S3 YHJR42S41S3 YHJR42S41S5 YHJR48S41S3 YHJR48S41S5 YHJR60S41S3 YHJR60S41S5 YHJR60S41S6 YMA02411 YMA03011 YMA03611 YMA04211 YMA04811 YMA06011
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Weight 2.00 lbs
Our price: $106.00 (79.50)
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