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American Standard Trane High Limit Switch SWT 01259

American Standard Trane High Limit Switch SWT 01259
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American Standard Trane High Limit Switch SWT 01259

High Limit switch opens at 190F closes at 160F

Partial List of Trane/American Standard Furnaces that use this Limit:

Known List of units this switch is used on
AUD040C930A1 AUD040C930B0 AUD040C930B1 AUD040C930H0 AUD040C930H1 AUD040C930H3 AUD040C930H4 AUD040C930K1 AUD040C930K2 AUD040C930K4 AUD080C936A1 AUD080C936B0 AUD080C936B1 AUD080C936H0 AUD080C936H1 AUD080C936H3 AUD080C936H4 AUD080C936J0 AUD080C936J1 AUD080C936K0 AUD080C936K1 AUD080C936K2 AUD080C936K4 AUD080R936A1 AUD080R936A2 AUD080R936H0 AUD080R936H1 AUD080R936H3 AUD080R936H4 AUD080R936J0 AUD080R936J1 AUD080R936K0 AUD080R936K1 AUD080R936K2 AUD080R936K4 AUD080R936K5 AUD080R9V3A1 AUD080R9V3A2 AUD080R9V3H0 AUD080R9V3H1 AUD080R9V3H4 AUD080R9V3H5 AUD080R9V3H6 AUD080R9V3J0 AUD080R9V3J1 AUD080R9V3K0 AUD080R9V3K1 AUD080R9V3K2 AUD080R9V3K3 AUD080R9V3K4 AUD080R9V3K5 AUD080R9V4K2 AUD080R9V4K3 AUD080R9V4K4 AUD080R9V4K5 AUD100C960H5 AUD100C960J0 AUD100C960J1 AUD100C960K0 AUD100C960K1 AUD100C960K2 AUD100C960K4 AUD100C972H4 AUD100C972J0 AUD100C972J1 AUD100C972K0 AUD100C972K1 AUD100C972K2 AUD100C972K4 AUD100R961J0 AUD100R961J1 AUD100R961K0 AUD100R961K1 AUD100R961K2 AUD100R961K4 AUD100R9V5B1 AUD100R9V5B2 AUD100R9V5H0 AUD100R9V5H1 AUD100R9V5H2 AUD100R9V5H4 AUD100R9V5H5 AUD100R9V5H6 AUD100R9V5J0 AUD100R9V5J1 AUD100R9V5K0 AUD100R9V5K1 AUD100R9V5K2 AUD100R9V5K3 AUD100R9V5K4 AUD100R9V5K5 AUD120C954H5 AUD120C954J0 AUD120C954J1 AUD120C954K0 AUD120C954K1 AUD120C954K2 AUD120C954K4 AUD120R954H5 AUD120R954J0 AUD120R954J1 AUD120R954K5 AUD140C960K1 AUD140C960K2 AUD1A040A9301AA AUD1A040A9301AB AUD1B080A9361AA AUD1B080A9361AB AUD1B080A9H31AA AUD1B080A9H31BA AUD1B080A9H31BB AUD1C100A9601AA AUD1C120A9541AA AUD1C120A9541AB AUD1D100A9721AA AUD1D120A9H51AA AUD1D120A9H51BA AUD1D120A9H51BB AUD2B080A9362AA AUD2B080A9362AB AUD2B080A9362AC AUD2B080A9V3VBA AUD2C080A9V4VBA AUD2C080B9V4VAA AUD2C080B9V4VBA AUD2C100A9V5VBA AUD2C120A9542AA AUD2C120A9542AB AUD2C120A9542AC AUE1B080A9361AA AUE1B080A9361AB AUE1B080A9361AC AUE1C100A9601AA AUE1C100A9601AB CUB080A936A0 CUB080A936B0 CUB080A936B1 CUB080A936C0 CUB080A936C1 CUB080A936C3 CUB080A936C4 CUB100A960A0 CUB100A960B0 CUB100A960B1 CUB100A960C0 CUB100A960C1 CUB100A960C3 CUB100A960C4 CUB1B080A9361AA CUB1B080A9361AB CUB1B080A9361AC CUB1C100A9601AA CUB1C100A9601AB CUD080C936A1 CUD080C936A2 CUD080C936A3 CUD080R936A1 CUD080R936A2 CUD080R936A3 CUE080A936H1 CUE080A936K0 CUE080A936K1 FUAB080A030C0 FUAB080A30A0 FUAB080A30A1 FUAB080A30B0 FUAB080A30B1 FUAB080A30D0 FUAB080A30D1 FUAB080A30E0 TUD040C930A0 TUD040C930A1 TUD040C930B0 TUD040C930B1 TUD040C930H0 TUD040C930H1 TUD040C930H3 TUD040C930H4 TUD040C930K1 TUD040C930K2 TUD040C930K4 TUD072CA36A0 TUD072CA36A1 TUD072CA36A2 TUD080C936A0 TUD080C936A1 TUD080C936B0 TUD080C936B1 TUD080C936H0 TUD080C936H1 TUD080C936H3 TUD080C936H4 TUD080C936J0 TUD080C936J1 TUD080C936K0 TUD080C936K1 TUD080C936K2 TUD080C936K4 TUD080C936X0 TUD080C936X1 TUD080R936A0 TUD080R936A1 TUD080R936A2 TUD080R936H0 TUD080R936H1 TUD080R936H3 TUD080R936H4 TUD080R936J0 TUD080R936J1 TUD080R936K0 TUD080R936K1 TUD080R936K2 TUD080R936K4 TUD080R936K5 TUD080R9V3A1 TUD080R9V3A2 TUD080R9V3H0 TUD080R9V3H1 TUD080R9V3H4 TUD080R9V3H5 TUD080R9V3H6 TUD080R9V3J0 TUD080R9V3J1 TUD080R9V3K0 TUD080R9V3K1 TUD080R9V3K2 TUD080R9V3K3 TUD080R9V3K4 TUD080R9V3K5 TUD080R9V4K2 TUD080R9V4K3 TUD080R9V4K4 TUD080R9V4K5 TUD100C960H5 TUD100C960J0 TUD100C960J1 TUD100C960K0 TUD100C960K1 TUD100C960K2 TUD100C960K4 TUD100C972H4 TUD100C972J0 TUD100C972J1 TUD100C972K0 TUD100C972K1 TUD100C972K2 TUD100C972K4 TUD100R961J0 TUD100R961J1 TUD100R961K0 TUD100R961K1 TUD100R961K2 TUD100R961K4 TUD100R9V5B1 TUD100R9V5B2 TUD100R9V5H0 TUD100R9V5H1 TUD100R9V5H2 TUD100R9V5H4 TUD100R9V5H5 TUD100R9V5H6 TUD100R9V5J0 TUD100R9V5J1 TUD100R9V5K0 TUD100R9V5K1 TUD100R9V5K2 TUD100R9V5K3 TUD100R9V5K4 TUD100R9V5K5 TUD120C954H5 TUD120C954J0 TUD120C954J1 TUD120C954K0 TUD120C954K1 TUD120C954K2 TUD120C954K4 TUD120R954H5 TUD120R954J0 TUD120R954J1 TUD120R954K5 TUD140C960K1 TUD140C960K2 TUD1A040A9301AA TUD1A040A9301AB TUD1B080A9361AA TUD1B080A9361AB TUD1B080A9H31AA TUD1B080A9H31BA TUD1B080A9H31BB TUD1C100A9601AA TUD1C120A9541AA TUD1C120A9541AB TUD1D100A9721AA TUD1D120A9H51AA TUD1D120A9H51BA TUD1D120A9H51BB TUD2B080A9362AA TUD2B080A9362AB TUD2B080A9362AC TUD2B080A9V3VBA TUD2C080A9V4VBA TUD2C080B9V4VAA TUD2C080B9V4VBA TUD2C100A9V5VBA TUD2C120A9542AA TUD2C120A9542AB TUD2C120A9542AC TUE080A936A0 TUE080A936A1 TUE080A936B0 TUE080A936H0 TUE080A936H1 TUE080A936K0 TUE080A936K1 TUE080A936K2 TUE080A936K3 TUE080A936L0 TUE080A936L1 TUE080A936L2 TUE080A936L3 TUE100A960K2 TUE100A960K3 TUE100A960L0 TUE100A960L1 TUE100A960L3 TUE1B080A9361AA TUE1B080A9361AB TUE1B080A9361AC TUE1C100A9601AA TUE1C100A9601AB TUJ080A936A0 TUJ080A936A1
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