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York S1-33102956000 Hot Surface Ignition Single Stage Control Board Kit Replaced with S1-3310301000

York S1-33102956000 Hot Surface Ignition Single Stage Control Board Kit Replaced with S1-3310301000
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York S1-33102956000 Hot Surface Ignition Control Board Kit

33102956000 IS REPLACE BY 33103010000


S1-33102956000 Hot Surface Ignition Control Board Kit For Use on Single Stage Gas Furnaces

Replaces 22 Original Part Numbers
Used on York, Luxaire, Coleman, Coleman, Coleman-Evcon, Frazier/Johnson, and Airpro
Genuine Factory OEM Source 1 Part for Many Unitary Products Group Furnaces

This Circuit Board replaces the following:
331-02956000, 331-02956-000, 331-03010-000, 031-03010-000, 331-02956-000, 331-09167-000, 031-09166-000, 331-01972-200, 031-01973-000, 331-01933-000, 031-01267-001, 031-01267-000, 031-01266-000, 031-01250-000, 031-00662-700, 031-00662-000, 031-01235-700, 031-01235-000, 031-01234-700, 031-01140-702, 031-01140-701, 031-01140-000, 031-01933-000, 031-01972-000, 031-09167-000, 331-03010000, 031-03010000, 331-02956000, 331-09167000, 031-09166000, 331-01972200, 031-01973000, 331-01933000, 031-01267001, 031-01267000, 031-01266000, 031-01250000, 031-01284000, 031-00662700, 031-00662000, 031-001235700, 031-01235000, 031-01234700, 031-01140702, 031-01140701, 031-01140000, 031-01933000, 031-01972000, 031-09167000, Johnstone L45-088, 539617, 1162-83-201A, 1162-201, 1162-202, 265901, 265902
Used in the following known units:

UGAA075BUB UGAA075BUG UGAA075BUH UGAA075BUJ UGAB075BUB UGAB075BUG UGAB075BUH UGAB075BUJ UGAB100BUB UGAB100BUG UGAB100BUH UGAB100BUJ UGAE075BUB UGAE075BUG UGAE075BUH DGAD060CDE DGAE080CDE DGAF100CDE FG8B05012MU12 FG8B07512MU12 FG8C07516MU12 FG8C10016MU12 FG8D10020MU12 FG8D12520MU12 FG8D15020UH12 FG9A04010DH11 FG9A04010UP11 FG9B06010UP11 FG9B06012DH11 FG9B08012DH11 FG9B08012UP11 FG9C08016DH11 FG9C08016UP11 FG9C10014UP11 FG9C10020DH11 FG9C10020UP11 FG9D12020DH11 FG9D12020UP11 FG9D14020UP11 FL8A04012UH12 FL8A06012UH12 FL8A08012UH12 FL8B08016UH12 FL8B10016UH12 FL8C10020UH12 FL8C11520UH12 G8C05012MDB12 G8C05012MUB12 G8C07512MDB12 G8C07512MUB12 G8C07516MDC12 G8C07516MUC12 G8C10016MDC12 G8C10016MUC12 G8C10020MDD12 G8C10020MUD12 G8C12520MDD12 G8C12520MUD12 G8C15020UHD12 G8T04012DNA11 G8T04012UHA11 G8T06012DNA11 G8T06012UHA11 G8T08012DNA11 G8T08012UHA11 G8T08016DNB11 G8T08016UHB11 G8T10012DNB11 G8T10012UHB11 G8T10016UHB11 G8T10020DNC11 G8T10020UHC11 G8T11516DNC11 G8T11516UHC11 G8T11520DNC11 G8T11520UHC11 G8T13020DND11 G8T13020UHD11 G9T04010DHA13 G9T04010UPA13 G9T06010UPB13 G9T06012DHB13 G9T08012DHB13 G9T08012UPB13 G9T08016DHC13 G9T08016UPC13 G9T10014UPC13 G9T10020DHC13 G9T10020UPC13 G9T12020DHD13 G9T12020UPD13 G9T14020UPD13 GF8050B12MU11 GF8075B12MU11 GF8075C16MU11 GF8100C16MU11 GF8100D20MU11 GF8125D20MU11 GF8150D20UH11 GG8S040A08MP11 GG8S060A10MP11 GG8S060A12MP11 GG8S080B12MP11 GG8S080C16MP11 GG8S080C22MP11 GG8S100B12MP11 GG8S100C16MP11 GG8S100C20MP11 GG8S120C16MP11 GG8S120C20MP11 GG8S130D20MP11 GG9S040A08MP11 GG9S060A10MP11 GG9S060B12MP11 GG9S080B12MP11 GG9S080C16MP11 GG9S080C22MP11 GG9S100C16MP11 GG9S100C20MP11 GG9S120D16MP11 GG9S120D20MP11 GG9S130D20MP11 GGLS040A08MP11 GGLS060A10MP11 GGLS060A12MP11 GGLS080B12MP11 GGLS080C16MP11 GGLS080C22MP11 GGLS100B12MP11 GGLS100C16MP11 GGLS100C20MP11 GGLS120C16MP11 GGLS120C20MP11 GGLS130D20MP11 L8T04012DNA11 L8T04012UHA11 L8T06012DNA11 L8T06012UHA11 L8T08012DNA11 L8T08012UHA11 L8T08016DNB11 L8T08016UHB11 L8T10012DNB11 L8T10016UHB11 L8T10020DNC11 L8T10020UHC11 L8T11520DNC11 L8T11520UHC11 L8T13020DND11 MG9S060B12MP11 MG9S080B12MP11 MG9S080C16MP11 MG9S100C16MP11 MG9S100C20MP11 MG9S120D20MP11 P3DHA10N03701 P3DHB12N05501 P3DHB12N07501 P3DHC16N07501 P3DHC20N09501 P3DHD20N11201 P3URA10N03701 P3URB10N05501 P3URB12N07501 P3URC14N09501 P3URC16N07501 P3URC20N09501 P3URD20N11201 P3URD20N13001 P4DNA12L03201 P4DNA12L04801 P4DNA12L06401 P4DNA12N03201 P4DNA12N04801 P4DNA12N06401 P4DNB12L08001 P4DNB12N08001 P4DNB16L06401 P4DNB16N06401 P4DNC16L09201 P4DNC16N09201 P4DNC20L08001 P4DNC20L09201 P4DNC20N08001 P4DNC20N09201 P4DND20L10401 P4DND20N10401 P4HUA12L03201 P4HUA12L04801 P4HUA12L06401 P4HUA12N03201 P4HUA12N04801 P4HUA12N06401 P4HUB12L08001 P4HUB12N08001 P4HUB16L06401 P4HUB16L08001 P4HUB16N06401 P4HUB16N08001 P4HUC16N09201 P4HUC20L06401 P4HUC20L08001 P4HUC20L09201 P4HUC20N08001 P4HUC20N09201 P4HUC22N06401 P4HUD20L10401 P4HUD20N10401 P4HUE30N13006 RGF19040AP08MP11 RGF19060BP12MP11 RGF19080BP12MP11 RGF19080CP16MP11 RGF19100CP16MP11 RGF19100CP20MP11 RGF19120DP20MP11 RGF1L040AP08MP11 RGF1L060AP12MP11 RGF1L080BP12MP11 RGF1L080CP16MP11 RGF1L100CP16MP11 RGF1L100CP20MP11 RGF1L120CP20MP11 S1-509742 TG8S040A08MP11 TG8S060A10MP11 TG8S060A12MP11 TG8S080B12MP11 TG8S080C16MP11 TG8S080C22MP11 TG8S100B12MP11 TG8S100C16MP11 TG8S100C20MP11 TG8S120C16MP11 TG8S120C20MP11 TG8S130D20MP11 TG9S040A08MP11 TG9S060A10MP11 TG9S060B12MP11 TG9S080B12MP11 TG9S080C16MP11 TG9S080C22MP11 TG9S100C16MP11 TG9S100C20MP11 TG9S120D16MP11 TG9S120D20MP11 TG9S130D20MP11 TG9S140D20MP11 TGLS040A08MP11 TGLS060A10MP11 TGLS060A12MP11 TGLS080B12MP11 TGLS080C16MP11 TGLS080C22MP11 TGLS100B12MP11 TGLS100C16MP11 TGLS100C20MP11 TGLS120C16MP11 TGLS120C20MP11 TGLS130D20MP11 XYF80060AU3-A XYF80060AU3LA XYF80080AN3-A XYF80080AN3LA XYF80080AU3-A XYF80080AU3LA XYF80100BN3-A XYF80100BN3LA XYF80100BU3-A XYF80100BU3LA XYF80100BU4-A XYF80100BU4LA XYF80115CN4-A XYF80115CN5LA XYF80115CU4-A XYF80115CU4LA XYF80130DN5-A XYF80130DN5LA XYF80130DU5-A XYF80130DU5LA

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Weight 4.00 lbs
Our price: $136.00 (102.00)
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