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American Standard Trane Control Circuit Board CNT2184 24V 2 Stage HSI Control 50A51-495

American Standard Trane Control Circuit Board CNT2184 24V 2 Stage HSI Control 50A51-495
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American Standard Trane Control Circuit Board D330937P01 CNT2184 CNT02184 24V 2 Stage HSI Control

This control board is White-Rodgers part #50A51-495

OEM Replacement for Part #s: CNT2184, CNT02184, CNT1308, CNT01308, 50A51-405 50A51-495 D340021P01, D330934P01, D330937P01, 1148167, 1006225

List of known American Standards Trane Units that use this Board:

ADD040R924C3 ADD040R924C4 ADD060R936C3 ADD060R936C4 ADD080R936C3 ADD080R936C4 ADD100R945C3 ADD100R945C4 ADD100R948C3 ADD100R948C4 ADD100R960C3 ADD100R960C4 ADD100R960C5 ADD120R960C3 ADD120R960C4 ADD120R960C5 ADD140R960C3 ADD140R960C4 ADD140R960C5 AUD040R924H3 AUD040R924H4 AUD060R936H3 AUD060R936H4 AUD080R936H3 AUD080R936H4 AUD080R948H3 AUD080R948H4 AUD100R936H3 AUD100R936H4 AUD100R948H3 AUD100R948H4 AUD100R960H3 AUD100R960H4 AUD100R960H5 AUD100R961H3 AUD100R961H4 AUD100R961H5 AUD120R954H3 AUD120R954H4 AUD120R954H5 AUD120R960H3 AUD120R960H4 AUD120R960H5 AUD140R960H3 AUD140R960H4 AUD140R960H5 TDD040R924C3 TDD040R924C4 TDD060R936C3 TDD060R936C4 TDD080R936C3 TDD080R936C4 TDD100R945C3 TDD100R945C4 TDD100R948C3 TDD100R948C4 TDD100R960C3 TDD100R960C4 TDD100R960C5 TDD120R960C3 TDD120R960C4 TDD120R960C5 TDD140R960C3 TDD140R960C4 TDD140R960C5 TUD040R924H3 TUD040R924H4 TUD060R936H3 TUD060R936H4 TUD080R936H3 TUD080R936H4 TUD080R948H3 TUD080R948H4 TUD100R936H3 TUD100R936H4 TUD100R948H3 TUD100R948H4 TUD100R960H3 TUD100R960H4 TUD100R960H5 TUD100R961H3 TUD100R961H4 TUD100R961H5 TUD120R954H3 TUD120R954H4 TUD120R954H5 TUD120R960H3 TUD120R960H4 TUD120R960H5 TUD140R960H3 TUD140R960H4 TUD140R960H5

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