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Baso Universal Intermittent Pilot Ignition Control BG1600M51EF-1AA

Baso Universal Intermittent Pilot Ignition Control BG1600M51EF-1AA
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Baso Universal Intermittent Pilot Ignition Control BG1600M51EF-1AA

BG1600M51EF-1AA Baso Universal Intermittent Pilot Ignition Control. Includes installation instructions, terminals and wire nuts.
Replaces Johnson Controls Modules:

Part Number: BG1600M51EF-1AAC

Replaces: 011078502819451 011078502819575 240G600AX-1C 240G779LHA-1C BG1600M51EF-1AA BG1600M51EF1AA CSA35A-617R CSA35A-618R CSA42A-600R CSA42A-601R CSA42A-602R CSA42A-603R CSA42A-604R CSA43A-600R CSA44A-600R CSA45A-601R CSA45A-602R CSA46A-600R CSA48A-600R CSA49A-600R CSA49A-605R CSA51A-601R CSA52A-600R G600AX-1 G600AX-1C G600AX-2 G600AX-2C G600AX-3 G600QBK-1 G60AAG-1 G60AAG-2 G60AAG-3 G60AAG-4 G60AAG-5 G60AAG-6 G60AAG-7 G60CAG-1 G60CAG-2 G60CAG-3 G60CAG-4 G60CAG-5 G60CAG-6 G60CAG-7 G60CBG-1 G60CBG-11 G60CBG-14 G60CBG-16 G60CBG-2 G60CBG-3 G60CBG-4 G60CBG-9 G60CCG-1 G60DBG-1 G60DBG-16 G60DCG-1 G60PAG-1 G60PAG-1C G60PAG-3 G60PAG-4 G60PAG-5 G60PAG-6 G60PAJ-1 G60PAK-1 G60PAK-2 G60QAG-1 G60QAG-3 G60QAK-1 G60QBG-1 G60QBG-2 G60QBG-3 G60QBG-4 G60QBG-6 G60QBG-8 G60QBG-9 G60QBH-1 G60QBK-1 G60QBK-3 G60QBL-1 G60QCL-1 G60QDG-1 G60QLG-1 G60QPG-1 G60QPK-1 G60QPL-1 G60RBG-1 G60RBG-2 G60RBG-3 G60RBK-1 G60RBK-2 G60RCJ-1 G60RDG-1 G60RDK-1 G60RPL-1 G60ZAG-1 G65BBG-1 G65BBG-2 G65BBG-3 G65BBG-4 G65BBG-5 G65BBG-6 G65BBG-7 G65BBG-8 G65BCG-1 G65BFG-1 G65BKG-1 G65BKG-2 G65BKG-3 G65BLG-2 G66AG-1 G66BG-1 G770MGA-1 G770MGA-1C G770MGA-2 G770MGA-3 G770MGA-4 G770MGC-1 G770MGC-2 G770MGC-3 G770MGC-4 G770MGC-5 G770MGC-6 G770MHA-1 G770NGA-1 G770NGA-2 G770NGA-2C G770NGC-1 G770NGC-2 G770NGC-3 G770NGC-4 G770NGC-5 G770NGC-6 G770NGC-7 G770RGA-1 G770RGA-2 G770RGA-3 G770RHA-1 G770RJA-1 G770RJA-1C G770RJA-1R G779LHA-1 G779LHA-1C LH33CM600 Y79ABD-1C
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Weight 2.00 lbs
Our price: $150.00 (112.50)
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